Jonathan Ward

Concious Living Coaching

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“Working with Jonathan has proved to be an unexpectedly life-enhancing experience. It has provided me with levels of personal enrichment and understanding that I would not have dreamed possible. It has brought about a profound shift in the way I think about myself and my place in the world and it has achieved this in an astonishingly short space of time. The work we have done together has provided me with a set of tools that I can use to help deal with my pain and confusion.” Doctor Peter M. 

“My Life is opening. My Life is lighter. My World is feeling safer. I recognise my readiness to accept how certain things are and to have the courage to move through and beyond the things that I chose not to accept. I trust that with forbearance I can be free of guilt and shame…That I can be free. What has made these steps possible is the tender clarity, loving wisdom and indomitable compassion of Jonathan. He allows me to make sense of a world that might otherwise feel alienating, aggressing and unjust and re-frame it on a path that now invites harmony, love and grace.

Jonathan is an exceptionally beautiful human being…An angel who has shone authentic light across my true birthright.”  L.S Company Director.
“Working with Jonathan has been life changing. Through the work we have done together I have discovered my goals, my strengths and my weaknesses and more importantly for me, my place in the world. I would have to say that I was a little stuck and unsure of how to move forward, but with Jonathan’s support and encouragement I am heading in a direction that is exciting and transforming. Jonathan is compassionate, always present and has a knack of being able to say the right word at the right time.” Brian, Workshop Leader

“I have been working with Jonathan on a regular basis and am profoundly grateful for the healing he has brought to my life.  His calm, gentle manner allows you to feel completely safe no matter how tough the work you are doing feels emotionally.  My sessions with Jonathan have allowed my own life to transform into something infinitely precious and beautiful.Thank you.”  Jane, Coach

“The impact of Jonathan’s work goes beyond words for me. At times of complete despair, anger, grief and confusion, even at times when I have felt so stuck, Jonathan’s work has created an opening for me which gets to the heart of the problem almost immediately, not just mentally, and emotionally but also spiritually.  Many other methods of support and therapy take months even years to do this. Working with Jonathan has opened up my world, allowing me to take the steps myself towards integrating authenticity in my life, giving me mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual integration. His work has helped me to feel a sense of being complete, in fact at peace.

His incredibly intuitive knowing, together with an acute discernment for people and their true potential V’s the false veneer, is a gift. I am and will always be immensely grateful to him for his coaching support, and the resulting transformational work.”  Robin, PR & Media