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Coaching is about POTENTIAL AND CHANGE and the POTENTIAL for CHANGE.

And change, particularly if you are trying to make changes on your own, can be scary and uncomfortable.

The decision to change can either be a conscious one ‘Something about my life is not ok and I am going to change it’

Or circumstances dictate that change must happen – illness, loss of job, end of relationship……

What these have in common is that they are about endings or beginnings (or both).

Beginnings and endings take us into the world of the unknown. We are no longer on familiar ground.

We no longer know the end of the story. Our minds like to know the end of the story.

If our minds do not know the end of the story it can bring about anxiety, fear, procrastination, overwhelm.


There are 3 stages to the coaching experience.



Conscious Living Coaching focusses on the wisdom of the heart and the stillness of the present moment.

What does this mean?

Research now clearly shows that there is a difference between our 'head-mind' and our 'heart-mind'.

The 'head-mind' is the collection of stories, beliefs and dialogue that we have accumulated in response to the life we have experienced.

The 'heart-mind' is the innate, uncluttered truth about ourselves.

When the stories from our 'head-mind' get in the way of our connection to the truth of our heart we cannot rest in stillness.

Through the understanding, acceptance and honouring of our stories peace and stillness become possibilities.

This understanding, acceptance and honouring happen through connecting to the wisdom of our heart.

Through the wisdom of our heart we find our way to our True Self and our True Purpose.

And here lies our true POTENTIAL.