Jonathan Ward

Concious Living Coaching

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Welcome to Conscious Living Coaching.

Are you dissatisfied with parts of your life? Would you like to make changes but not sure how to?

The aim of my coaching is to:

  • help bring clarity around what you would like to change;
  • discover what you need to do to make those changes;
  • work with any blockages that arise which prevent the changes from happening;
  • support and motivate you to create the transformation.

Coaching may be for you if you experience:

  • anxiety or stress become overwhelming
  • fear keeping you in a place of feeling small
  • feeling like a fraud or inauthentic
  • procrastination prevents action
  • confusion over the direction of your life
  • lack of confidence or courage
  • covert or overt self sabotage
  • not understanding your place in the world
  • a sense that this is not how you would like to live your life



We all have the potential for change.

We may have lost sight of our potential or it may be so hidden that we don't know what it is.

Through the process of coaching we can together:

  • re-discover your potential
  • allow you to flourish through making conscious choices
  • bring about living life with ease


Having experienced coaching what you can expect?

  • A deeper understanding of the self
  • A greater realisation of your place in the world
  • A release from destructive behaviour
  • Honest expression of needs
  • A growth in confidence and courage
  • An enduring sense of peace
  • Freedom from fear
  • Healthier relationships
  • Less anxiety and stress
  • How to live in tune with your body